Slow and wholesome production

Sustainability, or what we call Slow Production.

  • We have all our production in Europe, with a focus on Sweden (Småland) for Maze and Finland for Pilke. In these two countries, we have over 80% of our production, while the remaining nearly 20% is manufactured in the Baltic countries and Italy.


  • We carefully select suppliers and establish strong long-term partnerships where we work together to constantly find smarter, more resource-efficient solutions that are better for the environment.

  • We ensure that our suppliers adhere to the UN's 10 principles for human rights, the environment, labor rights, and anti-corruption, as well as the ILO's 8 core conventions.





  • We use high-quality materials in our products that stand the test of time.
  • All our materials meet the environmental requirements of Möbelfakta, as verified by certificates from all our suppliers. This applies to metal, wood, surface treatments, padding, leather, glue, and plastic.
  • We have minimized the use of plastic in both packaging materials and products and continually work to find alternatives for the few small components, such as foot plugs, that remain in a few of our products. We never use PVC.
  • We choose recycled materials when possible for specific products.
  • The metal wire in our products consists of 100% recycled metal for wire up to 8 mm in diameter. Thicker wire and other metals consist of 15-20% recycled material.
  • The wood in our products comes exclusively from sustainable forestry, and we never use wood from endangered tree species.
  • We exclusively powder coat our metal products and never produce chrome-plated products. If needed, we choose a powder coat in a chrome color. Powder coating is less environmentally harmful than traditional painting, and it is solvent-free.
  • We source all leather from Elmo Sweden AB in Svenljunga. It comes from Scandinavian cattle raised for meat or milk production, with no animals raised solely for their skins. Elmo has full traceability back to individual farms for all hides, and all farms must adhere to strict animal welfare regulations, including those set by the World Organization for Animal Health.
  • We offer a 20-year warranty on our products.
  • We design technically sustainable products with a timeless design that is meant to last and not follow short-lived trends. We want our products to be passed down through generations, and our goal is for all our products to remain in our product range for a long time.
  • We never overproduce but instead produce small batches based on demand.
  • We have spare parts available for products where it is possible to replace a part in case of damage.



  • We package our products in brown, recyclable corrugated cardboard boxes with as little material as possible to fully protect the product during shipping. 95% of our products have no additional outer packaging and are shipped in their store packaging.
  • We manufacture our products locally, which means shorter transportation distances to our warehouse in Norrköping.
  • We never use air freight for our purchases.
Sustainability Assessments and Testing 
  • Our products Hat Rack and Shoe Shelf have been assessed by the Byggvarubedömningen to be Recommended/Accepted.


  • The Same Chair and Same Table have been tested for use in public environments. The Same Chair has met all requirements for strength, durability, and safety in accordance with the European standard EN 16139:2013, including withstanding 100,000 cycles with a load on the seat and back of 110 kg. The Same Table also meets all requirements for strength, durability, and safety according to the European standard EN 15372:2016 for non-domestic environments. These tests were conducted by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB.


  • The Pythagoras Desk has been tested for use in public environments and meets all requirements according to the European standard EN 16121:2013+A1:2018 for strength, durability, and safety. During testing, the desktop is subjected to a distributed load of 54 kg for one week.


  • All lamps in Pilke lights are CE-marked, with testing conducted by Nemko (Norges Elektriske Materiellkontroll).





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