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Louise Hederström

Louise is a designer with a fantastic design mindset whose designs are shaped and inspired by the surroundings she finds herself in. She always focuses on the practical but at the same time beautiful solutions where e.g. the Bill series, the products Frank and Minnie Mae are clear examples. She is educated at Beckmans School of Design in Stockholm and has also studied at Lund University. Louise is greatly inspired by nature but also by her visits to factories where she encounters various manufacturing materials and techniques. She works exclusively with companies that have a high profile both in terms of design and sustainability – a holistic view is important in every step of the process. She seeks innovative design that combines form with function. "It is important to design and create products that are practical but at the same time attractive and stand the test of time," says Louise. Maze and Louise have had a close collaboration for 20 years and Louise is an important part of Maze's success.





Gustav Rosén

Gustav Rosén looks at design through the eyes of an engineer. The actual process of designing a product or developing an IT system is not that different. It is about reaching the target group with an attractive and useful solution that is interesting. He studied design and product development at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and graduated in 2009. Since 2014, he has been running his own design studio with a focus on designing furniture and lamps. Gustav is the designer behind the Maze shelving system Pythagoras, Only Hooks and Step.




Tapio Anttila

Tapio Anttila is a freelance designer, based in Lahti, Finland. He graduated as an interior architect in 1994 and has since worked both as an in-house designer and chief interior architect. Many of his works have won design awards, including "Design Plus", "Good Design", "Fennia Prize" and "Adex Award", as well as "Designer of the Year 2012" and the international "Top Designer Award 2017". ". Products designed by Tapio Anttila can be found in design stores in Finland and around the world. Tapio Anttila's favorite material is Finnish wood and he often strives to find new ways to use and work with wood, whether it is solid wood, bent wood veneer or even birch bark. Anttila believes that wood is connected to Nordic traditions and closeness to nature, but above all is also a very environmentally friendly choice for a material – an important aspect as sustainability is one of Anttila's guiding stars as a designer. He has a timeless, unpretentious style that is deeply rooted in Finnish design tradition – but with a modern, boundary-pushing approach. Anttila created the Mixrack products for Maze.





Olof Kolte

Designer Olof Kolte is a civil engineer at KTH in Stockholm and a designer at the Royal College of Art in London. Hatrack and Mitten Shelf are some of Olof Kolte's products for Maze. They are today modern classics found in many homes around the world. Today, Olof teaches long-term and sustainable design studies at the School of Industrial Design at Lund University, and runs his own design studio in Malmö.





Malin Lundmark

Malin Lundmark has a master's degree from Konstfack and has also studied at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Since 2006, she has run her own design studio with a focus on product design for both home and public environments. The products are characterized by a poetic and playful approach where everyday life is often a great source of inspiration. Malin constantly manages to surprise us by drawing a seemingly simple design that feels obvious - at the same time that it is interesting and very solidly designed. Among other things, Malin has designed Edgy and Suitcase.





Álvaro Diaz Hernandez

Álvaro Díaz Hernández is a young award-winning interior and furniture designer from Madrid, Spain. Álvaro finds his creativity by creating furniture adapted to smaller spaces. His style shines through his work where aesthetics, proportions, materials and form meet - as can be seen in his creations for Maze with the Uptown and Midtown shelves. After presenting his first furniture collection during Milan Design Week 2016, his works soon became recognized. Álvaro has been featured in several publications and praised by various international organizations such as the "DMY Design Festival" 2016 together with the IKEA Foundation "in Berlin," the East Design Show 2017 "in Shanghai or the "IFFS" in Singapore.





Ingrid Wingård & Olle Wingård

Ingrid Wingård is a Swedish architect and furniture designer who is educated at Chalmers School of Architecture in Lund, Sweden. Her designs are often characterized by conceptual aspects, a great sense of material and influences from old modernist furniture. Ingrid and her husband Olle Wingård also design together and have made City Sunday, Little Saturday and In The Neighborhood for Maze.






Lotta De Visscher

Lotta is Creative Director at Maze. With her entrepreneurial spirit and compelling drive, she is a true visionary. Lotta's eye for design has taken Maze to where we are today. For Maze, she has created Journal, The Cube, Downtown, and Lower East Seat.






Asshoff & Brogård

Asshoff & Brogård is a design duo from Stockholm consisting of Johanna and Hanna. Their vision is to design in a playful way that makes people smile and raise their eyebrows. They have designed the Kite Shelf for Maze.





Kent Johansson

Our story began in 2003 with the photographer Kent Johansson. He was looking for a bedside table for his mini-apartment in Stockholm. When the market gave Kent a cold hand, he decided to solve the bedside table problem himself. Armed with planks and nails, Kent not only hammered out Maze's first product: F-Shelf. Unknowingly he also established the cornerstones of Maze DNA: smart, locally produced & good choice of materials.

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