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Mathematics has never been this neat.

The Pythagoras bracket system is inspired by the Pythagorean equation, which basically states that if two sides of a triangle is known, the third side can be revealed. Mount the brackets and note the blank space in between; a metaphor for your life. One day you begin and one day you end, creating an opportunity to fill the gap. Live your dash in whatever way you wish – play it safe by choosing a shelf in perfect walnut or create a piece out of ocean plastic or forest logs. There is no right or wrong, just two points and a world in between.

Combine the shelf with stylish consoles that come in 2-pack. The consoles are made of powder coated metal wire available in white, black, chrome and brass. The Pythagoras shelf has pre-drilled holes, adjusted for the hooks that come with the Pythagoras consoles to secure the shelf to the console/wall. You can of course add as many shelves and consoles you want to create your own unique Pythagoras shelf system. Design your own shelving system with our new planning tool, Pythagoras Lab.

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