Slow and wholesome production



About us & our Slow Production philosophy


Our story began in 2003 with the photographer Kent Johansson. He was looking for a bedside table for his shoebox sized apartment in Stockholm. When the market turned its back to Kent he decided to solve the bedside problem himself. Armed with planks and nails Kent hammered out Maze's first product: the F-Shelf. Unknowingly he also forged the foundations of Maze DNA: smart, locally produced & good material choice. 

From that day a lot has happened. We have created a unique production line with designers, producers and business geniuses who all work towards the same goal - to create smart, playful & iconic design that has the least possible impact on nature. This production chain and frankly our raison d'être has been given the name "Slow Production".

But you don’t buy furniture because of the good in your heart, you buy it because you want it. We have chosen to grow a warmth in our Nordic brand. Yes, of ocurse we are function and minimalism but we want to offer something more. Something that makes us remembered and loved. Hand to heart, we are not way off. We are actually growing quite a bit without putting too much effort. yay.

WTF is Slow Production?

Made with love and care

Lets begin with the design. We only produce furniture that has a clear purpose, and solves a problem in a new and better way. Rather refine than create new. Further develop each part, making it last for generations of esthetic movements. This world have a surplus of furniture's - so buy second hand when you can, if not Maze is a fine option.

Local production with a global perspective.

Today 96% of our production takes place in Sweden. We want short distances of transport, and we want to be hands on. The ones producing for us must have good salaries and working conditions. Since the absolute majority of our market is the Nordic countries, this is sustainable for the time being. However, if we grow to new markets, then its time to open up production shop in said market. Of course with the same working conditions and environmental thinking as we have here in Sweden.

Kind to the environment.

As far as possible, we want to use recycled materials. Sometimes the technology is not there yet, then we look at other alternatives. Such as timber from sustainable forestry and leather which are by-products from the meat industry. When it comes to metal wire, all wire up to Ø 8mm is 100% recycled. Other metal consists of 15-20% recycled material. 

Are we there yet? No way, we are just getting started...



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